"MAIÔ Paris was born from my passion for fashion and my love for the city of Paris. It's a fusion of art, culture and beauty, embodied in swimwear that evokes elegance and grace with every movement."

During our recent trip to Poland, the brilliance and refinement of MAIÔ Paris took over Warsaw's National Opera House for a memorable fashion show in collaboration with French Touch La Belle Vie. This exceptional event transcended artistic and cultural boundaries, offering a unique sensory experience blending leading Polish and French artists.

The majestic setting of the Warsaw National Opera provided the backdrop for this unforgettable event. The alliance between the grandiose architecture and the avant-garde creations of MAIÔ Paris created a visual symbiosis, transporting the audience into a universe where fashion and art blend in a spellbinding way. It was a fusion of cultures, art and creativity, offering an unforgettable experience.

The show was not simply a presentation of MAIÔ Paris' SS24 collection. It was a celebration of collaboration between two distinct artistic worlds, French and Polish. French Touch La Belle Vie, with its nine-year history in Poland, provided a unique platform for this cultural encounter. Renowned artists and emerging designers came together to create an experience where fashion was just one element of a larger artistic performance.

Gratitude by MAIÔ Paris:

In a gesture of gratitude, MAIÔ Paris expresses its appreciation to French Touch La Belle Vie for this unique opportunity. This exceptional collaboration would not have been possible without the contribution of all those who worked behind the scenes to make this an exceptional event. The designers, the artists, the audience and all the partners involved all contributed to the brilliance of this magical evening.

MAIÔ Paris x French Touch

The MAIÔ Paris x French Touch La Belle Vie fashion show will be remembered as an example of the harmony between fashion, art and culture. This transcendent event left an indelible mark, strengthening the ties between France and Poland while elevating fashion to a universal form of artistic expression. An evening where the grace of MAIÔ Paris met the elegance of the French Touch, creating a visual symphony that will resonate for a long time to come.🌟

Sophie Gabison