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Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of MAIÔ Paris, where every luxury swimsuit tells a story of elegance and refinement. Our brand, a true ambassador of French luxury, embodies an innovative concept of high-end swimwear, designed to sublimate your figure with timeless elegance.

At MAIÔ Paris, every creation is a harmonious fusion of couture savoir-faire and exceptional French materials. Our commitment to quality is the foundation on which our collections are built, making each swimsuit a true masterpiece of comfort and elegance.

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The MAIÔ Paris Vision: Elegance Redefined.

Immerse yourself in the visionary world of MAIÔ Paris, a collection designed with passion by designer Sophie GABISON. Each luxury swimsuit bears the imprint of her vision, capturing the essence of beachwear with refined designs and flattering cuts.

Sophie GABISON has sought to transcend simple swimwear to create exceptional pieces. Every MAIÔ Paris creation is imbued with her desire to see women embrace confidence and elegance under the sun. Swimwear is not just beachwear, but wearable works of art that accompany you in style through every step of your sunny day.

Sophie GABISON's vision is evident in every detail, from the meticulous selection of French quality fabrics to cuts that enhance the feminine silhouette. Wear our swimwear and immerse yourself in an experience where style meets comfort, redefining the way you shine on the beach. It's this perfect balance of timeless elegance and well-being that sets MAIÔ Paris apart in the world of beachwear.

Explore our unique collection and discover how our vision materializes through each piece. MAIÔ Paris invites you to embrace an elegance that transcends ephemeral trends, a vision where every woman can feel beautiful, confident and free for any occasion. 

"For me, swimwear is much more than a question of style; it's a life experience. With MAIÔ Paris, I want to offer every woman the chance to live this experience in all its splendor, with swimwear that makes her feel beautiful, confident and free."

maillot 1 pièce noir col v à volants | MAIO PARIS
2-piece black triangle swimsuit | MAIO PARIS
MAIO Paris designer Sophie | Luxury swimwear
Frilly 2-piece swimsuit | MAIO Paris

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Explore our diverse collection of 1-piece and 2-piece swimwear, offering a variety of styles for every occasion. From classic one-piece swimsuits to daring 2-piece swim suits, MAIÔ Paris adapts to your style, emphasizing your femininity with subtlety and refinement.

Our commitment to certified materials and Parisian and European partners reinforces the unrivalled quality of each piece. MAIÔ Paris swimwear isn't just beachwear, it's a timeless piece that transcends fleeting trends, for a style that will always be remembered.

Join MAIÔ Paris and discover a new dimension of elegance, where luxury, quality and variety meet. Every MAIÔ Paris luxury swimsuit is a timeless style statement, designed for those who appreciate the art of feeling beautiful and confident.