Our MAIÔ Paris ss4 "Capri" collection is coming soon!

We can't wait for you to discover it...

The "Capri" collection from MAIO Paris, an ode to timeless elegance and glamour.

Inspired by the picturesque Italian island. Designed to inspire confidence and boldness on your summer getaways.

Soft colors and flattering cuts combine harmoniously to give you a stunning look.
Each piece is a tribute to grace and femininity.

Dive into the very essence of French elegance with the "Capri" collection from MAIO Paris. Capri: a symbol of escape and elegance for women who dare to dream bigger.

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New in High-End Swimwear : L'Élégance MAIÔ Paris Reinvented

Whether it's an elegant 1-piece swimsuit, a daring 2-piece or a luxurious one-piece, each new product reflects our passion for refinement and quality. 

Explore what defines modern beach luxury at MAIÔ Paris with your swimsuit or the perfect accessory to complete your beach look, our novelties are here to dazzle and inspire.

Innovation and Personalized Style

Welcome to our world, where every new luxury swimsuit is a celebration of beach elegance. At MAIÔ Paris, we don't just follow trends - we create them. By incorporating both classic and avant-garde elements, our latest collections are an ode to contemporary beach style. We take pride in designing swimwear, whether one- or two-piece, that harmoniously combines refined aesthetics with ultimate comfort.

The MAIÔ Paris 1-Piece Swimsuit: A Statement of Sophistication

Each model in our new range of 1-piece swim wear is an expression of finesse and elegance. Designed for today's woman, these luxury swimsuits embody effortless elegance. Comfortable and flattering for every figure, they symbolize luxury in every detail, from the choice of fabric to the perfect fit.

The 2-Piece Swimsuit: A Fusion of Glamour and Comfort

And our 2-piece swimsuits are much more than just bikinis. Each set is designed as a unique piece, reflecting unrivalled luxury and craftsmanship. Whether you plan to wear them for a relaxing day by the water or a chic evening out, our two-piece swimsuits promise exceptional style and lasting comfort.

Our Commitment: Uncompromising Quality and Absolute Luxury

At MAIÔ Paris, our promise is simple: to offer luxury swimwear without compromising on quality. Each new product is made with the finest fabrics on the market, selected for their strength and softness. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed, ensuring that our customers experience luxury every time they wear one of our swimsuits.

Beyond the Swimsuit: A Complete Experience

Our creations go beyond the simple swimsuit. They are designed to be worn and enjoyed in a variety of contexts, from sunny days by the sea to elegant evenings out. Each model is designed to fit your lifestyle, accompanying you in all your moments of relaxation and elegance.

Redefining elegance with MAIÔ Paris

Our latest collection is an invitation to rediscover high-end swimwear. With MAIÔ Paris, you're not just choosing a swimsuit; you're choosing a piece of fashion that transcends seasons and occasions. Whether you're looking for an elegant 1-piece swimsuit, a cutting-edge 2-piece swimsuit or beachwear, our new products are ready to seduce you. Dive into the world of beachwear with MAIÔ Paris, where style, comfort and luxury meet.

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