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Iconic Luxury Swimwear: Glamorous Elegance by MAIÔ Paris

Rediscover our top-of-the-range swimwear for women

Each of these emblematic models, created with care in our workshops in Portugal, tells a unique story that will accompany you through every moment of your life. Unique, visual designs and quality French manufacturing are the cornerstones of our collections. Let yourself be carried away by the personal expression offered by our women's swimwear, and succumb to the ultimate charm of MAIÔ Paris' breathtaking cuts. Each swimsuit embodies a perfect fusion of glamour and art: an unforgettable experience to reveal yourself to the world.

Each piece is a testament to the art of beachwear, combining high-end exclusivity with designs that transcend seasons and places. 

Our luxury swimwear is more than just beachwear - it's a style icon for the modern woman. Each creation is imbued with sophistication and glamour, capturing the spirit of timeless elegance.

Explore our iconic collection of luxury swimwear, where each piece embodies refinement and opulence. MAIÔ Paris swimwear is designed to offer an exclusive experience, marrying luxury with functionality. With meticulous attention to detail, our creations become masterpieces, enhancing your natural beauty with a touch of incomparable glamour.

Each high-end swimsuit in our collection is an ode to femininity and glamour. Whether you're looking for an elegant 1-piece swimsuit or a sophisticated 2-piece , our style icons are designed to sublimate your silhouette with elegance. Discover the timeless elegance of MAIÔ Paris and treat yourself to a beach experience where glamour blends harmoniously with sophistication, defining luxury beach fashion.

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