The Concept

About MAIÔ Paris:

Founded by designer Sophie GABISON, MAIÔ Paris embodies the very essence of luxury and elegance in the world of swimwear. As a renowned Parisian brand, we set ourselves apart by offering high-end creations that transcend the norm, redefining the perception of luxury swimwear.

Sophie GABISON has designed this collection with an unbridled passion for fashion and a deep understanding of the Parisian aesthetic. Each swimsuit is a work of art, combining casual chic with deliberate sophistication, creating a perfect harmony between modernity and classic charm.

Our bold, elegant designs embody the ultimate in luxury, deliberately disrupting your perception of the traditional swimsuit. The MAIÔ Paris collection is not simply a line of beachwear, but a style statement that can be worn with pride both by the sea and at unforgettable parties.

Each MAIÔ Paris luxury swimsuit is designed with exceptional materials, carefully selected to offer unrivalled comfort while remaining at the cutting edge of trends. Sophie GABISON has created pieces that enhance the female silhouette and celebrate femininity in an incomparable way.

MAIÔ Paris is for women who want elegance, sophistication and refinement in every detail. We're more than just a swimwear brand, we're a luxury experience, an ode to timeless beauty.

Join us in the exclusive world of MAIÔ Paris, where swimwear becomes an artistic expression, deliberately disrupting convention with style and distinction.

Sophie luxury swimwear designer | MAIO PARIS

Our know-how :

At MAIÔ Paris, every creation is the fruit of exceptional know-how, combining Parisian elegance with Portuguese craftsmanship. Our process begins in our showroom in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, where every detail is thought out and designed with passion.

The story comes to life in Portugal, in our dedicated factory, where the magic happens. Each swimsuit, from our sophisticated couture collection, is meticulously designed for daytime wear on the beach as well as evening wear.

We're proud of our commitment to quality. Our 100% French fabrics are OEKOTEX standard 100 certified, guaranteeing not only timeless elegance, but also compliance with the strictest safety and ecological standards.

MAIÔ Paris embodies the perfect fusion of refined Parisian aesthetics and exceptional Portuguese craftsmanship. Join us on this adventure, where each piece reflects the harmony between contemporary fashion and classic charm, boldly redefining our perception of swimwear.

Swimwear fabrics | MAIÔ Paris